Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Why Choose a CPK Doctor?
Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Short Term Care For Neck and Back Pain Relief
Why Choose a CPK doctor?

It ought to be emblazoned in 6-foot high,...golden glowing letters at the entrance to every chiropractic college: 

There’s No Such Thing as a Typical Patient! 

If you’ve been a chiropractic patient for any time at all, you know what I’m talking about. Every patient has a unique physical, chemical, mental and emotional makeup. Every pain, every structural change, every disease has its unique cause, course, and correction. Sometimes these factors combine to make quite a puzzle; CPK is the solution. 

CPK helps your doctor practice with certainty by giving clear and immediate indicators of the cause of each deviation, the appropriate correction, and the associated factors required to make the correction permanent. 

An added bonus is that CPK compensates for changes in posture and position; the correction that holds while you are lying on the adjusting table will also hold when you leave our office. 

Best of all, CPK cuts through the layers of adaptation that may be masking the true root of the problem; leading your doctor swiftly and accurately to the correct treatment. 

With CPK the “problem cases”—even the ones who’ve not gotten relief from other pracittioners—will rapidly respond to your care. Most CPK doctors have thriving practices built on the “beyond help” patients who receive the help they need with CPK. 
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