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Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Short Term Care For Neck and Back Pain Relief
                       Where Does Chiropractic Fit In With Medicine?

I often have this conversation with my patients. My profession has done a poor job at explaining to the public what we do. If you were to ask somebody what a Dentist does, they could tell you very easily. When asked about what a Chiropractor does there is a bit more confusion and misunderstanding. Well, here's my take on it. I see health on a spectrum with wellness on one side and death and disease on the other end of the spectrum. Allopathic medicine (Medical Doctors) do a terrific job with handling disease. In fact, nearly all of their tests and images are aimed at finding disease. They are truly expert at diagnosing and handling a disease process in the body when properly diagnosed. They own that part of the spectrum. However, how many people go to their Medical Doctor with a health concern and are told that they are okay based on the results of their tests? The problems still persists, yet the patient is sent home with little to no treatment and often times with great discomfort. This is where well trained practitioners like Chiropractors are able to help individuals find relief and find answers to health problems that concern them. Our training is equally as extensive as Medical Doctors in terms of classroom hours and curriculum. Where we diverge from MD's is; Allopathic education leans heavily on pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions with the body, while Doctors of Chiropractic education focuses on the muscular skeletal system, proper nutrition, detoxification and explores the impact that these interventions serve to restore the nervous system to it's natural state and alleviate pain. Doctors of Chiropractic, as well as some other types of practitioners (Acupuncturist, Naturpaths to name only a few) are trained to handle those individuals who have health issues that have not digressed to the disease state on the health spectrum. Doctors of Chiropractic have successfully treated millions of people around the world with a wide variety of symptoms. Many studies are published showing the effectiveness and safety of Chiropractic care in handling many health concerns. If you or somebody you know has symptoms and has not yet found relief, it's time you consider Chiropractic. contact us 

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