Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Chiropractic Adjustments
Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Short Term Care For Neck and Back Pain Relief
Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulaton/MobilizationChiropractic joint manipulation (adjusting) is used to release restricted joints of the spine and extremities. Joints often become restricted due to improper posture, trauma and/or poor muscle activity. A restricted joint can also cause nearby joints to move excessively, which can lead to degeneration and pain. By applying an adjustment to a restricted segment, we can gain motion in the joint that could not be gained with only exercise or posture correction. Besides increased motion, adjusting also relieves pain and relaxes over-active muscles. If the patient prefers, we can instead provide mobilization to the restricted joints, which uses less force and usually does not produce a cavitation (popping sound). Dr. Ormond use adjustments and mobilizations techniques that compliment your body's unique bio mechanics, while using evidence-based joint manipulation protocols. Adjustments are typically very gentle and painless.
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