Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Chiro Plus Kinesiology
Relief & Restoration Chiropractic - Short Term Care For Neck and Back Pain Relief
What is Chiro plus Kinesiology?

CPK is a comprehensive health care system…constantly integrating new procedures from the world’s greatest Chiropractic technology with time-proven methods for resolving today’s complex health issues.

CPK is “gentle” Chiropractic...and promotes applying soft, sustained pressure for correcting structural disturbances for safe, gentle corrections compatible with the hydrodynamics of the internal environment of the body. 

Chiro Plus Kinesiology
Chiro+Plus provides a comprehensive, conservative healthcare system designed to effectively manage Pain Relief, Metabolic Assessments, Athletic Performance Enhancement and Recovery, and Resolution of Complex Health Issues.

The Chiropractic principle Proclaims that the nervous system, functioning as the master communication system of the body, can become impaired so that the brain or body parts are no longer communicating essential information for the maintenance of health. The removal of the impairment factor can greatly enhance the functional integrity of the body and restore health and well-being.
The Kinesiology principle Muscles of the body not only move and stabilize the joints, but each muscle has a specific biological interaction with the organs through the nerve, circulatory, and meridian systems. Kinesiology provides the “tools” for clinical diagnosis and provides conservative treatment to all of the tissues and organs of our complex body systems. A doctor, specializing in kinesiology principles, can provide customized treatment procedures and stabilization to chiropractic procedures.

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