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About Us
My name is Matthew Ormond. I am a local chiropractor, Kinesiologist and holistic healer, having practiced in Orange County for a number of years now. At Pain Relief Chiropractic we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to determine each person's unique set of circumstances presenting challenges to their overall health and vigor.
Whether it be a sports injury, an injury sustained in an auto accident, or simply nagging aches, pains and migraines stemming from physical or emotional stressors - the highly proven methods my practice alone provides to Orange County, with a 92% success rate in either eliminating pain altogether or reducing it substantially while prompting the body's natural healing to take over - is, in a word, ASTOUNDING! Astounding, yes. But also true.
Once properly diagnosed, we will agree on a treatment plan to best fit your specific needs. Our friendly and professional team is committed to meeting those needs. We will provide you with the earliest possible appointment time and to honor your appointment to the very best of our abilities.   We extend all efforts necessary throughout your treatment to see you safely on the road to recovery.
I am an emphatic supporter of the use of Kinesiology, being the one of two practitioners of Chiro plus Kinesiolgy in the state of California. The use of kinesiology, or the study of movement, allows me to analyze the entire kinetic chain; which may include the hip, knee and ankle, as it will have an impact on low back pain. In cases of shoulder pain I would look to the joints and connecting tissues above and below the shoulder to locate the source of pain. We are able to locate and treat damaged tissues as well as inflamed trigger-points and nerve blockages, in addition to spinal manipulation to repair subluxations.
Our wellness approach looks specifically at the 3 primary causes of pain and dysfunction in the body: 1. Stress 2. Toxicity 3. Undetected Nerve Damage. This Comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned as we seek to restore your body to better health.
We truly appreciate that high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.We also appreciate that sometimes insurance doesn't cover the treatment program that is necessary to end your suffering. We have affordable care plans that can fit any budget.
We welcome you and I am personally inspired for the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best chiropractic service our profession has to offer.
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